Thursday, November 5, 2009

WTF Fort Hood?!?

As an addendum to my earlier post: what the fuck is going on at Fort Hood?

I am just disgusted. It's bad enough (in my estimation) that those poor families have to deal with the stress of deployment and wondering if their family members are going to die overseas without having to worry whether they're going to be killed on base!

Although now I am curious as to what aids a war-time army have historically received in alleviating psychological trauma, as I'm unfamiliar with whether the thrust of modern media on psychological ailments is a contemporary one or just now receiving mention.

I would say (and did tonight after talking to my Mom for nearly two uninterrupted hours) that I really wonder about psychological services in the military. From certain, unnamed, relations of mine, I really have doubts as to the quality. Seriously.

Hrm... this remind me that I really need to read Drew Gilpin Faust's The Republic of Suffering. But after NaNoWriMo. After.

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