Monday, November 16, 2009

[NaNoWriMo] Day #16

26,388 words. I'm almost better than the postal service these days: writing through vomit, horrific cat maulings and three computer crashes (caused by Firefox, which was strange).

I think in the past few days I have put some of the worst prose known to man - of Bulwer-Lytton status - to the page. Although, despite this, I have decided to sally forth (and I really want to read Pelham). It is, after all, only a first draft. And I want to actually finish it - even if after some 56 pages of single line text I have only had the main female and male protagonists together ONE TIME and haven't gotten to the main mystery facet of the tale yet!

I liken it to the Stephen King phenomena. Whereby I pad my tale with lots of secondary characters who are interesting (to me) but not necessary absolutely pertinent to the story. Like Jeremy "Jem" Bown - although he's going to break his leg soon and instigate the "sashiburi" moment between my main PCs. Or Captain Asing, who is going to marry (in the very distant future) my main PCs youngest sister. Or Mr. Archibald Healey, Anatomist with the Royal Society, who is going to discover who the skeleton in the ground actually is.

I have two more weeks of this madness and I am starting to get a little tired. Mostly because I also spent most of the weekend reading Eloisa James novels and realizing that I actually need to put my protagonists together - sometimes in the biblical sense - if I'm actually writing more than a costume drama. I was up until 3am last night writing about Jem Bown and reading The Taming of the Duke because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I want to write characters like that!

So I won't bore anyone with prose tonight. But I am going to sleep.

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