Friday, November 20, 2009

[NaNoWriMo] Day #20

36,118. I keep on chugging along. I only have 500 words to write to finish my Sunday totals this week - so I can afford to game tomorrow. Yeah!

I finally started writing the scene where Anne and Jem are in the Moors and they are forced to spend the night under a makeshift tent from Anne's skirts (not quite a generous as the following decades would be) fending themselves from a pack of feral bear-baiting dogs with only a single bullet and a small fire. I felt really bad about breaking Jem's hip - owning to the lack of advances in medicine during the period, but it was necessary. Undoubtedly, he probably would have crawled home anyway, so Anne will have to dose him with the laudanum she's been carrying in her reticule since refreshing her sister's batch. Poor kid.

Otherwise, today was a great day. Lots of writing. Bubble tea with Michelle, water tortures with KaiBot3000 (who is obsessed with Zombie Fluxx) and two really interesting encounters with total strangers. I just wish KaiBot3000 would stop licking the internet cable... Well, you can't win everything.

What have I been listening to today?


Although I had no idea the still image for this clip was so orgasmic looking. If I wasn't so amused, I would be horrified ;)

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