Tuesday, November 3, 2009

[NaNoWriMo] What am I listening to?

I started making a playlist for my story - not particularly of period specific music - after catching up on all the Spill podcasts this afternoon. I love 'Let's Do This' and 'A Couple of Cold Ones' the best - as the ladies of the 'League of Extremely Ordinary Gentleman' are incredibly shrill and give me a headache.

To give a hint of the impending plot, here's what I have so far:

Seth Lakeman's John Loman

Mostly for the lines: Willingly, I took his place. With my fair love. Willingly, I stole his face, soaked it in blood.

Sufjan Stevens' To Be Alone With You

For the lyrics: I'll never know the man who loved me.

Low vs. Diamond's I'll Be

For the lyrics:
My heart was pure
And I wanted more
So I wait for signs to feel
You offered me the chance to see what’s real
And I wanted all you had
So I’ll close my eyes and see things from the past

Sharon Van Etten's Same Dream

For the lyrics: Betcha don't remember how we met. That's okay, it hasn't happened yet. Although we had the same dream. Although we had the same dream.

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