Sunday, November 22, 2009

[New Music] & [NaNoWriMo] Day #22

I'm taking a moment here - at 38,165 - to watch an episode of Murder She Wrote, ponder proto-Colt percussive flintlocks (my most valued possession is a book with pictures of how they work!) and listen to new music.

For some reason, my Imeem has been taken over by constipated sparkly vampires. I will take this moment to point out that while I have been occasionally guilty of writing Twilight FanFix, I cannot bear the movies. Strangely, I can overlook Emma Watson's stiff and overacted turn at Hermione Granger (HP 5 was particularly bad) - but I can't handle the steroid-softness of Taylor Lautner's voice as Jacob Black or fathom how a pack of hideous albinos aren't caught out in High School. I have patchy reminisces of high school and although I don't remember sparkling on purpose, I know it was never an institution of understanding. Which is to say, I found new music today purely on accident (although I suddenly realized that Lena is going to think I was looking for New Moon stuff on purpose! *laughs*)

Now I can add Sea Wolf to my Sufjan Stevens writing music. Although I've been listening to lots and lots of Romantic Era classical music lately, 'cause lyrics keep ending up in my narrative if I listen to anything with vox.

Anyway, back to writing. I want to clear 40K before I pass out tonight. Although I have a horrible feeling that even 50K of text isn't going to be enough to actually find some sort of suitable denouement of events. Particularly as I suddenly have five hot guys in the story and a hero who has probably said four words in 38,000 words (which has never happened before). I suck at this novel writing thing. But I'm having fun regardless - which I guess is the main idea.

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