Saturday, November 7, 2009

Taking a Break from NaNo

So I started watching ABC's refashioned V today - as soon as it was streaming on Hulu. I have some nebulous (as I was 6) but slightly fond memories of the 1984 version stemming from a particularly embarrassing incident featuring a sticker of Diana and my parent's front window. I'm fairly certain that that sticker was still on that window well into 1985.

30:14 minutes into it, I realize that humanity - at least the TV version of such - is really stupid. Have we learned nothing from a hundred years of speculative alien fiction? Hello! Does To Serve Man mean anything to anyone? War of the Worlds? Independence Day? A spaceship of supermodels come from another galaxy and you're not automatically suspicious?

In short -->

Aliens are evil. They want to eat or enslave humanity. They are not here to be our friends.

Otherwise, outside of Morris Chestnut, who might be the best actor in the series, V is just alright. I'm really getting tired of seeing FBI agents in skintight clothing and skinny jeans. Also, I question the female FBI agent's ability to turn against her partner so readily. She didn't even flinch in attacking him.

In closing, this word of warning:

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