Wednesday, November 11, 2009

[NaNoWriMo] Day #11

18,401 for today's total. Still on schedule, but running a very lean word overage.

I blame 21 Jump Street. I remember it fondly from what apparently were re-runs post 1990. In the first episode(s) alone, I have grave misgivings about the American education system circa 1987. Particularly as one of the students was driving to school in a never-ending procession of drug-earned vehicles and was never under investigation by the cops. That might just be sloppy writing.

I have a second interview in NJ tomorrow morning and a mountain of laundry to clean tomorrow night. Only 6,664 words to write to free up for gaming this weekend. I already canceled for Saturday - but I have the last Gotham Gaming Guild (GGG) on Friday night and a RISUS game I put back three weeks on Sunday. I have to decide by tomorrow whether I can do it.

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