Thursday, July 23, 2009

NYPS: The Saga Continues

Despite the fact that I believe that I would be a good travelling correspondent - the lack of posts while I was in South Carolina (Saturday-Wednesday of this week) prove otherwise.

But this is not a tale of correspondence. But a tale of stalking.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who moved to New York from Detroit. Owning to her place of origin, not having a car would be tantamount to not breathing or not drinking Vernors. So she brought her Hybrid to the mean streets of New York.

While she was technically under the umbrella of Michigan Licenseship - despite some minor delays in renewing tags, periodically - there was never any issues with the Powers That Be. Namely the New York State Parking Syndicate.

Then one day, our intrepid heroine (who must have been doing heroine) decided to embrace New York State.

Four... yes, FOUR visits to the DMV later, she was New York street legal despite the best attempts at thwarting by New York State employees.

She received a ticket the very first day she had a New York State license. Why, you ask? For not having the front license attached to the vehicle despite having received it at 4pm and no one available to screw it into my front bumper. It was in the front window. And for only having a temporary inspection paper - also in the front window - despite it's legality.

Both were thrown out of Court.

Unsated, the New York Parking Syndicate turned to means darker and more nefarious. Parking tickets for parking .00001 millimeters too close to the 4' fire hydrant zone. Parking tickets the very minute (I am not kidding, they're date stamped) the 2009 State Inspection sticker expired.

Things became clear last night (technically this morning - Thursday, July 23) at 12am. Upon returning to the garbage strewn streets of Bensonhurst, I found the New York State Parking Syndicate waiting on the corner of my favorite parking spot: 63rd/17th Ave. Headlights off, engine a low puff of sound in the night, hiding in the shadows between street lights.

Welcome back, Citizen. We have been expecting you.

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