Friday, July 3, 2009

[New Music] The Kooks

I absolutely cannot get enough of this song. It's like my personal obsession of late:

A little disappointed by the remainder of the album, as it veered a little too closely into Oasis territory (and secretly, the only song I ever liked by Oasis was the verbally awkward Other Gallagher number off their self-titled album of ages past - but on trying to find it, realize that all of the songs suck ass). And really, is a tight shiny shirt a good choice for a dude looking to score?

So ranting: whatever happened to the blisteringly angry, furious Brit of ages past? Am I missing something... like some guitar action? Has everything been diluted down to the Arctic Monkeys and Oasis?

Although on this tangent, I caught a really finely produced Thistle & Shamrock podcast from the Perthshire Amber Festival (Scotland) where either Dougie McLean or Andy M. Stewart brought up the salient point that guitars were not indigenous to British music - folk or otherwise, which could explain much. --> Program 1358: Reunion (part 1) (June 4, 2009) Week 23,

More please...

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