Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I can't get to sleep

As a card-carrying nerd, I have spent far too much time watching YouTube videos on 'social networking' and working on DnD dungeon maps this week. I am boning up for my interview on Friday, particularly in marketing taxonomies and terminologies so I don't sound like a librarian from the sticks and boning up for my new DnD 4.0E campaign: Shadow of the Sundered.

I have also not been sleeping.

Which may be one reason I thought it was a good idea to spend time on world creation (although Obsidian Portal is awesome). And I think I might have also posited going into prostitution to my Mom on the phone with predictable results, although I can't remember the context. I have obviously not been thinking rationally. Otherwise I would not have trembled on the precipice of peanut butter cookie cut-offs. My Mom is pretty awesome, though, as she puts up with my very, very, very off-kilter sense of humor.

If I have to endure continued insomnia, I hope I begin to display Cashback super insomnia powers in lieu of Christian Bale nightmarish emaciation or the sudden appearance of low men in yellow coats.

What keeps me company in the dark hours of night -->

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