Friday, January 8, 2010

New Job! Happiness ensues!

I am writing this post while I am at ... work! (Actually waiting for tech correspondence on exporting catalog into a hard copy when the web version is down and importing MARC records).

Yes, I now have a full time job (along with my private cataloging gig in Manhattan) with a small medical academic college in New Jersey*. And like magic (really, it's real magic) new, strange, amazing, crazy and just plain unusual things have started to happen as my weirdness magnet kicks into drive. It was only sleeping for a while, I think. So many new experiences lately that I still need time to absorb and understand them. And a few hours of sleep here and there would be nice, too.

So I started my new position on January 4 (after much date finagling). My coworkers are awesome and I scored an Audubon Society calendar for volunteering to keep the library open an extra 15-20 minutes yesterday. I also had to teach my co-librarian how to Copy+Paste. I don't think I will comment publicly about that particulary when I was wading through library statistics and pivot charts as a lark. I inherited a lot of paper. I hate paper. Paper is not searchable. It has no connectivity. It gets dusty and makes me sneeze. I get paper cuts. So in my free time, I started imputting all the stats into Excel (because I am a notable Excel junkie) and making beautiful graphics. I had a breakdown of 2008 by average length of visits, users by program, etc for my first staff meeting.

I also dive bombed an adjunct faculty meeting and introduced myself. Despite a head cold that has me sounding like a phone sex operator at the moment, I got lots of accolades for taking initiative. I am full of initiative and live on accolades, so I am very happy!

I like Jersey City so far, too. I have learned that Jersey City has a lower sales tax than the rest of New Jersey - which is half of New York on clothes and shoes! Shoes! Also, many people don't know where they're going. I have been asked at least twice everyday this week for locations. And random people talk to me all the time - despite my surgically attached iPod. I have never been referred to as "Mama" so much, even when I worked in the Bronx.

Suffice it to say, I am extremely happy. Work makes me happy. Productivity makes me happy. Finding books, answering reference questions, helping students with their resumes and running around in my Docs makes me happy.

But I have to go back to work, now. More blogging updates (and music!) later.

* I would give the name but, well, I *am* writing this from work!

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