Friday, June 5, 2009

[Poetry Warp] January 8, 1996: meditations on JPS

ed. note: I don't remember writing this, exactly. It's on Ramada Inn stationary and clearly dated 01/08/96. Senior year of HS. Probably for Josh*

* * * * *

meditations for JPS

I'm going to make a bust of
I don't particularly love
the man himself
but the emptiness of
his mind interests
philosophies outside of my
own are hard for me
to conjugate
where are you coming from?
mnemonic devices
if I begin to think your
thoughts where
is there room for my own?
I've already begun
dream your dreams & where has
that lead me?
Now there's a philosophy you
cannot endure.
I believe every sweet fragment
born within my
As mush as I believe in
Fate and
the faltering of
choice within the bounds
of love-
but sometimes
its so much easier, neater perhaps
to empty
into the bitter arms of
A hopeless romantic who was
crushed by Fate.
We may fear the
but we revile what we know
& understand the best.
Maybe that's why I
fear you.
That is not a choice.
Nor a given.


* I actually surprised myself by the unconscious rejoinder of 'that fucker' in my head after I typed this name (another long ago memory sprung to life. *sigh*). Strong mental image of rain, white skin (not mine, for once) and black silk boxer shorts. Interesting.

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