Thursday, June 18, 2009

[New Music] The Bloodsugars

While I would never, personally, vouch for breakfast on the BQE, this band is my newest find! Sweet Brooklyn goodness. I caught this on an Insomnia Radio Podcast (

Check out the tunes at -->

The aforementioned tune has a very sweet, lyrically loopy, poppiness that reminds me of Ra-Ra-Riot (which, being one of my favorite bands in the world with a new album out very, very soon, is not a bad thing at all).

And speaking of music craziness, this true event happened today:

My computer was cycling through the mangled vestiges of my playlist (most of my music is on an external HD, since mp3s and their assorted siblings multiply like madness when I'm involved) while I was getting ready for work. From the next room, I heard the Paper Route turn into R. E. M's Driver 8. There is no earthly way that my computer could have cycled through that particular tune, owning to its being on the external HD and the XHD was not plugged in at the time.

REM's Driver 8 was the song my Uncle Jace and Rich Henricks played at my Dad's funeral last September. My theory of the moment is that my Dad was complaining about my pseudo-electronic-rock and putting on something more pleasing to his ears. Supernatural critics!

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