Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chinese New Year's Resolution #1: Your ears have requested new music, NOW!

[ed. note] This was originally on Facebook, but I moved it for purposes of unwieldiness.

One day I woke up and realized that there was more music in the world than I could ever possibly know about (about two weeks ago - so I guess I'm following the Chinese New Year... yeah...). Probably because I'm a Librarian (i.e. Nerd), I decided that a a thorough study needed to be made. So utilizing methods fair (linktivity, youtube, MySpace, etc...) and foul (badgering my friends and random people on the street - thanks to the guy who explained the Watchmen instead on Friday night!), I have been trying to succeed at this Chinese New Year's resolution #1.

Because I have found some really sweet song prose and some absolutely HORRIBLE stuff, I thought I would start to make a list. The following is, per literary set-up, that list (in no particular order, since I have the memory of a goldfish on a good day):

#1: Asa [Asha] - So Beautiful
Nigeria folk/pop. This song was so beautiful (so aptly named!) - but I profess that I was a little disappointed that Asa wasn't referring to her lover when she sang about "Queen of my World." I might have to put this on a mix for my Mom - which isn't nearly as cool as when I gave her her last one featuring the lyrical styling of Tupac Shakur: "And even as a crack fiend, mama/You always was a black queen, mama." I'm beginning to believe that no one gets my humor.

#2: Ivri Leider
My friend, Adam, is still giving me beef about professing that I was moving to Israel to hook up with the aforementioned "Jesse." (I believe my exact words were, "I can be that girl in Chelsea in thirty minutes!") Frank sent me this after I complained about Charro/David Hasselhoff smack downs, so I was understandably concerned that what little is left of my brain would disintegrate under the onslaught of a singer who had called up the related songbar (on YouTube) "Erection Selection." The minute "Jesse" smiled, I was totally hooked on this song. And it's really catchy.

#3: Owl City
This was also a completely random choice (admittedly since Mr Owl City, also named Adam, is very cute). I'm not usually into electronica, but it's really awesome that Mr Owl City writes these catchy tunes while suffering from amnesia. And the female backing vocals suits his voice perfectly. I really liked the lyrics for "Saltwater Room" ("what will it take to make or break this hint of love"?) I actually bought this album and often listen to it as I slide through Midtown at 2am (which is happening with increasing frequency of late).

#4: Carl Creighton
I found Carl Creighton on Antifolk - which apparently is a "scene" unique to New York. He has a very nice voice (I prefer male singers to female anyway). A lot of the Antifolk stuff sounded very similar (including a gentleman who bore a terrible resemblance to my arch-enemy, the Pseudo-Archivist "A"), but Creighton's lyrics were very clever and felt honest to me. I particularly liked "Derrius," and bought the album. I also emailed him (to tell him how cool he was) and hope that he has a gig in the area at some point. And he wrote back! Yes!

#5: Rodney Crowell (This was actually cheating, I have know about Mr Crowell since Roseann Cash's "Tennessee Flat Top Box" days)
Sex & Gasoline is a really good album. Particularly liked "I've Done Everything I Can." As a note about the album cover - I think Crowell looks completely shocked to have a twentysomething woman in a g-string in his bed. I think at moments like that, you just have to go with it and accept your wiles.

#6: Azis!!!
Ok. This was completely a Frank thing (via PerezHilton). It really did destroy my will to live for a few minutes - but then had me crying at work as I recalled the video during weak (databasing) moments... which is pretty much all day. Peter actually asked me if I could spread the drug-love. Sadly, I had to let him know that I was completely sober and just being myself. Here is the madness:

As per Wikipedia, Azis actually ran for a seat in the Bulgarian parliament. Democracy boggles my mind.

#7: She Wants Revenge
Wasn't so sure about this at first, "Tear you apart." Until the lines, "Now a little crush turned into a like/And now he wants to grab her by the hair and tell her." Then I was like, "Wow. That is Knife Party intense. I have to listen to this on the train!" Joaquin Phoenix directed the video for the song. But who the hell are the "Reds"???

#7: Tegan and Sara
Completely random find. I thought, "Wow, these girls have funky cool hair," so I clicked on their MySpace (still pondering asymmetrical haircuts, tho I look better with long hair). I think this just reminds me that I should move to Canada. I think most of my favorite bands are Canadian (including my obsession with Neverending White Lights). The song "Nineteen" is me at nineteen. Man, am I ever happy to be thirty.

#8: AJ Lite (this was also cheating, since Kish sent me the link)
Kish actually sounded like Pete Steele (Type O Negative - how the years have led us apart!) on one of the tracks. This was also cheating, but since I've been back at Mrs S's cataloguing, I haven't had too much time for much more than sleeping, typing out my missives on Facebook so that my fam knows I'm alive, and hanging out with my Posse.

#9: Brendan Benson
Since I'm secretly (well, not so much now) in love with Brendan Benson (who I never knew about pre-Raconteurs), I was very happy to see that he had done some solo work. All I can say is how cool would it be to hang out with Brendan Benson and Jack White? And I also realized (this has nothing to do with anything), that I am band-stalking Josh Homme!

#10: Feist
This sounded like a name I should know (being only one name of consequence) - so I checked her out. Really liked "How my heart behaves." Feist would be good background music for... certain activities (noting to those with Valentine's Day coming up).

#11: Ingrid Michaelson
Cary sent this to me (I vaguely remember her from a ten second clip on VH1 in the era when I actually owned a television). The video is very cute. I liked the lyrics "I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair/Sew on patches to all you tear."

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