Wednesday, May 20, 2009

C'est la vie, Wilson

As of Tuesday, May 19 I am officially unemployed (although my PT job pays the same as my former FT job). I'm not surprised and am actually taking this as the kick in the pants to complacency that I really needed. As long as that kick in the pants doesn't require a trip to the doctor's office ;) In some ways, it's awesome to have some non-working time. Although I really feel for my co-workers who had invested in the Co. for 20+ (some 40+) years and were summarily liquidated for semi-literate catalogers/indexers. *puts sarcasm back in box*

One thing I'll miss from work was the breadth of information I ran across every single day. It was hard working on the obits (I don't know why Mccleans has those obits) after my Dad passed, thinking about the imprint ordinary people leave behind (something I think about while archiving) and their legacies to later knowledge of this time period. And thinking about my own - or lack thereof. Or how furious I became on the behalf of Alice Jones Rhinelander, the woman who never denied she was mixed race (in a turn of the century New York), but was forced to show her breasts to a packed, all-male, all-white courthouse when her husband wanted a divorce and was proving that she was guilty of "passing." Grrr.

But when I was clearing out all the junk I had accumulated on my computer, I ran across some random snippets that I had written over my lunch hours. So I thought I would randomly post some of these for laughs (or so that I stumble across them later and think, "Wow, this was a good idea for a game.")

C'est la vie, Wilson.

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