Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[New Music] The Republic Tigers & The Stereotypes & Rocky Votolato

Recuperating from NaNoWriMo (and having actually written 5K more words on a project I was on the fence about completing, *oh well*) and listening to lots of Pandora.

Because I'm inundated with new music all the time, I thought I would throw up three of my latest finds so I don't forget about them (and hope to get an iTunes gift card for Xmas although I don't deserve one).

Firstly, Toto-incarnate: The Republic Tigers. Like the Kooks, I'm not keen on all of their stuff, but I was listening to Buildings and Mountains and got this whole Toto Africa vibe from them. As Toto's Africa is my absolute favorite song in the history of songs, they didn't need to do much else to win me over. Listen for yourself:

And Toto:

Next is San Diego's The Stereotypes. Particularly the amazing, amazing song All My Life. I can't find it on YouTube, but their MySpace has the song. Apparently, they are singlehandedly fronting all the music for TV - if their page is to be believed. Ironically, however, when seeking it out, I found a song I used to listen to in Japan (Japanese MTV was a crazy and awesome thing - particularly as it was filtered via Australia to my ADSL box at the time):

And lastly Rocky Votolato - who I was pretty sure was going to end up being from New York with a surname like Votolato. Instead, a Seattle institute of sorts. A very nice voice. And apparently every song I end up liking on Pandora is his.

For example:

This is probably the most fragmented blog entry ever, but I'm a little typing-ed out. I promise to do better at an undefined point in the future.

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